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Evening Desert Safari BBQ

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Evening Desert Safari Horizon Heights Travel offers. This safari will take you across the flawless desert landscape of Dubai. On this all-inclusive tour, you can do a lot of different things. One exciting thing you can do is four-wheel dune bashing, which will take you across huge golden dunes and give you great views for taking pictures of the sunset. 

Following the thrilling ride, you can fully experience Bedouin culture at the Arabic Bedouin camp. Traditional tents have been set up here so you can rest while drinking Arabic coffee and watching shows like belly dancing and Tanoura. You can treat yourself to a gourmet barbecue meal at an international buffet. The buffet has tasty meat and vegetable recipes for everyone. 

A camel ride is a great way to see the desert sand. The buffet offers a wide selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts—chefs who are good at what they do use only the best ingredients to make these meals. Tanoura shows and belly dancing are some of the best parts of the night’s entertainment, which takes place in the desert under the stars.

This tour is great for people who want to escape Dubai’s city’s liveliness. It also includes exciting activities like sand bashing to get your heart racing. For those interested in learning more about other cultures, it also goes into great depth about the beliefs and traditions of the Bedouin people. 

When you go on the Evening Desert Safari, you will see a different side of Dubai’s (United Arab Emirates) natural beauty and cultural history that you will never forget. You will have a great time on the Evening Desert Safari, whether you want to enjoy the peace of the desert at sunset or the chance to see interesting cultural shows and eat tasty food.

Sunrise Desert Safari

You are starting an exciting Desert Safari at Sunrise with Horizon Heights Travel. Explore the huge Arabian Desert in Dubai in a fresh way. This one-of-a-kind adventure begins with a free VIP pick-up from anywhere in Dubai.

You will be taken away from the busy city to enjoy the quiet beauty of sunrise in the desert. Watch the beautiful landscape change as the sun rises early in the morning, showing endless golden dunes in front of you.

The adventure starts with an exciting 45-minute 4X4 dune-bashing ride in a strong Land Cruiser. Feel your heart racing as your skilled driver guides you through rough terrain, steep hills, and exciting turns and twists. You can see a huge desert all around you. You feel free when you’re in a wild area that hasn’t been changed in any way.

You can do extra things like quad biking, Dune Buggy, sandboarding, and camel rides to have even more fun on the trip. These activities let you see the desert in a variety of ways. You can race across the sands on a quad bike, glide down steep dunes on a sandboard, or ride a camel, which is the usual way to get around. Each activity will give you a different view and memories that you will never forget.

After the thrilling rides, visit the Bedouin-style encampment to learn about Emirati culture. Here, you can enjoy traditional Arabic hospitality with drinks and ride a camel. Professional guides add to your journey by sharing their knowledge and ensuring you stay safe and have a great time.

People who want to try something new, enjoy nature, or get closer to Dubai’s beautiful nature can all go on the morning walk. It has just the right amount of exciting things to do and peaceful times to enjoy the desert’s peace. As you enjoy the solitude of the wind and the soft crunch of sand under your feet, you’ll fully understand the desert’s rugged charm.

Horizon Heights Travel offers a wonderful morning tour that will let you see the Dubai desert up close and teach you more about Emirati culture. Whether this is your first trip or you’ve been on many before, this safari will be fun and memorable. It will show you the best of Dubai’s natural beauty and cultural history.

Luxury Desert Safari

Experience the ultimate in desert luxury with Horizon Heights Travel’s Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai. This exclusive adventure starts with a VIP pick-up from your hotel or a pre-arranged meeting spot. You’ll then get into cozy 4X4 Land Cruisers for an exciting drive through rough desert terrain. The most exciting part of the trip is the Dune Drive, led by experienced guides who ensure you stay safe and have a great time as you drive through the huge dunes.

When you arrive at the Bedouin-style desert camp, you can settle into one of the well-equipped tents, which offer a safe and cozy place to stay in the quiet desert. As the sun goes down, enjoy the magical atmosphere of the desert under a sky full of stars. The soft breeze and rustling dunes will make for a peaceful background.

Later in the evening, there will be a feast of traditional Arabic food, including a BBQ dinner, live entertainment like Tanoura, and mesmerizing belly dance shows. You can also do conventional things like sandboarding, camel rides, and getting Henna tattoos or Henna Painting to learn more about the area’s history and natural beauty.

If you wake up in the desert after a good night’s sleep, the soft glow of dawn breaking over the horizon will take your breath away. Enjoy a delicious breakfast amidst the desert landscape before bidding farewell to this unforgettable experience. Horizon Heights Travel ensures that every detail of your overnight stay is carefully thought out, giving you the best ease and entertainment the whole time.

The Luxury Overnight Desert Safari offers an immersive journey into Dubai’s desert landscape and Bedouin traditions, whether you’re interested in cultural performances, seeking adventure in the dunes, or just wanting to get away from it all for a while. It’s a great place to stay for travelers who want to mix luxury, adventure, and learning about other cultures into one unforgettable desert safari.

Fun Desert Safari

Enjoy exciting desert safaris in Dubai’s Lahbab desert for an unforgettable adventure through stunning natural beauty and Bedouin culture. Start your day with a thrilling 4X4 ride of land cruiser on the red dunes. You can also try dune buggies and sandboarding for an exciting experience in the beautiful scenery. Catch the hypnotic sunset over the high dunes, which makes for stunning pictures. 

Visit a traditional Arabic campground to learn about actual Bedouin customs. You can relax in classic tents, smoke Shisha and Arabic coffee, ride camels, and get intricate henna designs on your hands. Watch live performances like Tanura and belly dancing at a cultural show.

After that, savor a delicious BBQ dinner. The dinner options cater to both vegetarians and meat lovers. 

Start an unforgettable journey combining exciting desert adventure activities, cultural experiences, and delicious food. Get away from the noise and chaos of the city and enjoy the peace and magic of the desert at night. 

Adventure sports like dune bashing, camel rides, and sandboarding are great ways to see the vast desert. Feel the rush of excitement as you climb the tall dunes and take in the stunning beauty of the desert. 

Talk to Bedouin groups in the desert and learn about their customs and way of life. Helping you fully experience the rich culture of the desert. Watch traditional dance and music performances and eat tasty local food with natural ingredients and tastes.

While the sun goes down and the sky turns orange and pink, you can sit by a campfire and look up at the stars. Let the calm of the desert wash over you as you relax and think about how beautiful nature is.

People who want a one-of-a-kind and memorable trip that combines adventure, culture, and relaxation in a beautiful natural setting should certainly go on this desert trip.

Best Desert Safari Deals 

Horizon Heights Travel has assembled a group of hand-picked vacation packages and tour guides just for you. Each Desert Safari package is designed to give you a unique adventure you will never forget, based on your hobbies and preferences.

There is a plan for everyone in Desert Safari, an outdoor adventure tour, or experiencing a new culture. Choose the package that excites you the most and get ready for a trip full of unforgettable memories and experiences.

We at Horizon Heights Travel think that the world has endless possibilities to be found and explored. We can help you make your trip dreams come true, whether you want to relax on a tropical beach, hike through rough mountains, or learn about a new culture.

Our experienced travelers are committed to creating custom itineraries that consider your interests and preferences. From high-end lodging to off-the-beaten-path adventures, we aim to give you experiences you will never forget and go above and beyond what you expect.

You can be sure that Horizon Heights Travel will take care of every aspect of your trip so you can enjoy the ride and make memories that will last a lifetime. Let us help you find your way around the world and its secret gems, one trip at a time. Horizon Heights Travel lets you see the whole world.

Hummer Desert Safari in Dubai

Dare to dune bash in a 4X4 Hummer, which will take you on an exciting off-road journey through the desert. You’ll feel a rush of energy as you easily handle steep dunes and sharp turns in the sand.

There is nothing that the strong Hummer can’t do. It will give you a thrilling ride that you will never forget. Stay tight as the skilled driver guides the vehicle through the rough terrain, giving you a taste of real off-road fun.

Dune bashing is an exciting off-road journey where a powerful Hummer 4×4 will take you over the dunes. The experience is thrilling and gets your heart racing as you go through the sand, feeling the wind in your hair and the thrill of completing the rugged terrain.

You’ll see stunning views of the desert terrain as you go over the dunes. As you climb each hill, you’ll remember how free and happy you felt. You’ll also feel like you accomplished something great and want to do it again.

Dune’s bashing will leave you wanting more, whether you’re looking for a thrill and a rush of energy or want to do something different and memorable. So, fasten your seat belts, hold on tight, and prepare for the most exciting journey of your life as you dune-bashing. 

Explore Desert Safari

Start an exciting trip through the Lahbab Desert with a Dubai, United Arab Emirates Safari that offers fun and learning about other cultures. It is famous for its vast red dunes that seem to go on forever. Lahbab is an excellent place for people who love excitement.

A 4X4 ride through the uneven sands will surely get your heart racing. Skilled drivers will amaze you with dune-bashing moves that are both exciting and beautiful. For people who want even more fun, Quad bike ride, dune buggies, and sandboarding are two unique and exciting ways to get down the sandy hills.

At a traditional desert campsite in this rough landscape, you can learn about the rich customs of the Bedouin people. You can unwind in huts that look like Bedouins made them, enjoy traditional Arabic coffee and Shisha, and do fun things like ride a camel or get henna tattoos.

Finish your trip through the desert with a delicious BBQ buffet dinner under the stars while a Fire show, Tanura, and belly dancing entertain you. A Lahbab Desert Safari is a must-do in Dubai because it combines adventure, cultural study, and natural beauty in a way you will never forget.

Latest Desert Safari

Get ready for an adventure like you’ve never had with Horizon Heights Travel’s newest Desert Safari deals, which are made just for you. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and exciting activities that are waiting for you in the middle of the desert.

Our Desert Safari trips are the best way to see the desert’s beauty and thrills at a price you can afford. We have the perfect plan for everyone, whether you want to go dune bashing and sandboarding for excitement or watch the sunset on the golden sands for peace.

Imagine driving over the beautiful dunes in a strong 4×4 car and feeling the rush of adrenaline as our skilled drivers handle the rough landscape. For those who want to take it easy, our deals include camel rides that let you enjoy the desert’s peace at your own pace.

Wait until the sun goes below the horizon to be amazed by the beautiful views and bright colors in the sky. Our sunset Desert Safari packages include a traditional Bedouin-style camp where you can relax and enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars. They are the perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime with your loved ones.

Your comfort and safety are essential to us at Horizon Heights Travel. We ensure that every Desert Safari is exciting and stress-free. Our professional guides and drivers are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey that you will remember forever.

Our Desert Safari packages offer an authentic and enriching experience that shows off the magic of the desert, whether this is your first time in Dubai or you’ve been many times before. Start your trip with Horizon Heights Travel and discover why our Desert Safari packages are the best choice for people who want to have fun and rest. Get your deal today and join us on the ultimate desert adventure!

Red Dunes Desert Safari 

Experience the thrill of the Red Dunes Safari, an exciting adventure package available only from Horizon Heights. Take in the mesmerizing scenery of the Red Desert Dunes. Every moment will be full of wonder and excitement.

Start your trip with a thrilling dune-bashing experience in a mighty 4×4 Land Cruiser. Skilled drivers will guide you through the rough terrain, ensuring you stay safe and enjoy the thrill. Feel the rush as you climb steep hills and slide down them safely. This unforgettable experience combines speed with the desert’s natural beauty.

Next, enjoy the ancient practice of camel riding, a calm alternative to fast-paced dune bashing. Let the camel’s steady sway carry you across the sandy plain, giving you a unique view of the desert scenery.

People who want even more excitement can go sandboarding. Put on your board and take on the sands as you slide down the dunes. Feel the wind in your face and enjoy the thrill of controlling the natural slopes of the desert.

During your trip, our experienced guides will ensure your safety and provide you with information about the desert’s history and environment, which will enhance your experience.

Horizon Heights’ Red Dunes Safari offers an unforgettable mix of adventure and tour activities, culture immersion, and natural beauty. It’s a must-do for any adventurer looking for the best desert experience.

Belly Dance Desert Safari

With Horizon Heights Travel, you can spend a magical evening where Arabian culture and fun are celebrated at every turn. Our private desert safari takes you on an unforgettable trip into the mysterious Arabian Peninsula. It takes place in the middle of the desert.

As the sun goes down over the dunes, guests are welcomed into a traditional Bedouin camp with bright rugs and comfortable majlis. The air is filled with the tantalizing smells of a freshly cooked BBQ dinner with juicy meats and tasty Middle Eastern foods.

A stunning show of entertainment brings the evening to life. Watch the mesmerizing Arabian belly dance, where skilled dancers use graceful moves and complex rhythms to hold your attention.

Tanoura shows are exciting because they feature many colorful skirts and dancers who spin. These shows have their roots in Sufi customs. During the fire show, the air is filled with excitement as skilled performers carefully control the flames to create a mesmerizing show.

In the evening, people can do things that make you feel like you’re in the desert. As a classic way to get around in the Arabian desert, you can try henna painting or an exciting camel ride. Take a moment to enjoy the peace by watching the beautiful sunset and taking pictures of the desert.

Horizon Heights Travel ensures everything goes smoothly by mixing excellent service with cultural immersion. Whether visiting Dubai for the first time or looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure, our desert tour will give you an unforgettable evening where Arabian hospitality meets thrilling entertainment under the desert sky full of stars.

VIP Evening Desert Safari

Horizon Heights Travel’s VIP Desert Safari takes you on an exciting journey deep into the Lahbab desert in Dubai, UAE. You will learn about Bedouin culture and see the beautiful desert scenery. The tour starts with an exciting 4×4 dune-bashing adventure through secret valleys and tall dunes. The adventure ends with stunning sunset views over golden sands, making great photo opportunities.

Sand boarding down the steep dunes is a thrilling activity that can be done by people of all skill levels and takes place in a beautiful desert setting. After the day’s activities, guests can relax at a real Arabic Bedouin-style camp, where they can enjoy traditional Arabic coffee and cultural shows like Tanoura and belly dance.

Later that night, people enjoy relaxing activities like riding camels and looking at the stars under a clear desert sky, a nice change from the day’s excitement. A delicious BBQ dinner with food from around the world is on the way, along with live entertainment that includes traditional dances. Horizon Heights Travel ensures guests are comfortable by providing smooth pickup and drop-off services, making the VIP Desert Safari in Dubai’s Lahbab desert the perfect way to experience adventure and learn about Bedouin culture. 

It combines fun and relaxation with a look into Bedouin customs. This all-inclusive tour promises an unforgettable trip into the heart of the Arabian Desert. It is designed to leave a lasting impression on every guest, whether they’re looking for exciting activities on the dunes or peaceful views of the desert.

Half-Day Desert Safari

Horizon Heights Travel has planned a perfect 4-hour day trip to see the mesmerizing beauty of Dubai’s desert. Our special 4-Hour Package gives you an exciting look into the middle of the desert, making the most of your time and helping you make memories that will last a lifetime.

As soon as you start this trip, you’ll be in a place with endless dunes and an orange and pink sky as the sun goes down. Horizon Heights Travel offers adventure, cultural learning, and natural beauty in a short time.

Your adventure starts with a comfortable and easy pickup from your Dubai hotel or another spot you choose. You will be accompanied by our knowledgeable guides, who know the desert inside and out. They will share stories about the area’s past and natural beauty.

The actual trip starts when you get to the desert. Dune bashing is one of the most exciting things you can do. Skilled drivers maneuver through rough terrain, making the ride over the dunes feel like a thrilling roller coaster. Camel riding is a calm way to see the desert from a different angle.

As the sun goes down, we’ll take you to a spot where you can see the most beautiful desert sunset. At this incredible moment, you can take stunning pictures and consider how beautiful nature is.

To make your experience even better, we offer traditional Arabic drinks and snacks at a camp in the desert, where you can unwind and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also do conventional things like put on Arabic clothes, get a henna tattoo, or even smoke a shisha pipe under the stars if you want to.

Finally, as the stars start to come out, we’ll say goodbye to the desert and take you back to your hotel, making sure you leave with fond memories of your time in Dubai’s desert.

Horizon Heights Travel’s 4 Hours Package is designed to give you an exciting desert experience that fits easily into your schedule. It is perfect for tourists who want to get the most out of their time in Dubai without giving up adventure or cultural immersion.

Full-Day Desert Safari

A full-day, 8-hour desert safari is the best way to experience the desert. It includes many exciting activities that will thrill and please you. This adventure takes you deep into the desert, where the beautiful dunes create a truly immersive experience. Every moment is designed to stimulate your senses and pump up your adrenaline.

The day starts with the thrilling activity of dune bashing, which involves driving a strong 4×4 over the uneven sands. Feel the rush as your skilled driver guides you over the dunes’ steep slopes and dips, giving you a memorable rollercoaster-like ride in the middle of the vast desert.

After the sand bashing, spend time at a Bedouin-style camp and enjoy traditional Arabian hospitality. Many cultural treats are waiting for you there. Enjoy the art of getting Henna tattoos and detailed designs on your hands or feet that show off the rich history of Arabian jewelry. Allow the skilled artists to make lovely patterns that are both classy and traditional.

Get ready to be mesmerized by live cultural acts that show off the rich artistic traditions of the area as the sun goes down. Enjoy the hypnotic beats and skirt swirls of the belly dance, and be amazed at how skilled and quick the Tanoura dancers are as they spin smoothly in their bright costumes. As an exciting finale, watch the Fire Show, where skilled performers control flames in a show of bravery and artistry that looks amazing against the night sky of the desert.

For people who like daring, the safari offers sandboarding, an exciting sport where you can ride down steep dunes on a specially-made board. This combines the fun of snowboarding with the unique desert scenery.

During the day, enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner outside under the stars with various grilled meats, fresh veggies, and traditional Arabic sweets. After your meal, you can cool off with a soft drink from the open bar, water, tea, and coffee.

A full-day desert safari is more than just an adventure; it’s also a cultural immersion that will make you remember the beauty and friendliness of the Arabian desert for a long time.

Camel Ride Desert Safari 

This package is perfect for people who want to have a one-of-a-kind experience by riding a camel. You can ride a camel across the vast, beautiful hills of the desert. You will be able to continue on this trip with a tour guide. You can feel the camel’s soft rocking as you ride through the sandy ground and take in the stunning views of the desert.

At this one-time event, you can connect with nature in a new way. You will be able to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and peace of the desert environment. After that, enjoy a BBQ dinner with food and drinks included in the package.

If you buy this plan, you will have a memorable experience. You can try camel riding whether you’re a beginner or have some experience. Come with us on a camel ride on red dunes that you will remember for a long time.

Desert Safari Dubai

Going on a Dubai safari is an exciting way to see how beautiful and huge the desert is. A camel ride is one of the most famous parts of a desert safari. You can slowly move through the dunes and enjoy the beautiful views of the desert. 

4X4 Dune Bashing is a must-do sport for people who want a more exciting adventure. Experienced drivers will whisk you away on a thrilling sand dune-bashing adventure. The ride will be bumpy and exciting, making your heart beat faster.

Sandboarding is another fun sport in which you ride a board down dunes, like snowboarding but on sand. You’ll get energy as you slide down the sandy slopes—a fun and different way to see the desert.

A desert safari is the best way to relax, have fun, and learn about other cultures. It’s an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to see the desert’s beauty. You can enjoy different activities, including desert safari quad bike, camel ride, and 4×4 bashing. These 45 minute drives will pump your adrenaline to another level.

Dubai City Tours | Horizon Heights Travel

Dubai Old City Tour

A carefully planned Classical Dubai City Tour lets you see how Dubai’s cityscape changes. The tour mixes old history with cutting-edge technology. Horizon Heights Travel offers a journey with famous sites and hidden gems in this busy city. The trip promises a mix of history, culture, and stunning views.

Start your trip at the Gold Souk, a busy market famous for its wide range of beautiful gold jewelry. Here, you will take a guided tour of Dubai’s historical roots. You can see the city’s history of trade for yourself as traders show off their shiny goods in a lively display of skill and custom.

You will continue your trip through time by going to the Dubai Museum housed in the old Al Fahidi Fort. This museum of history gives visitors a look into Dubai’s humble beginnings as a fishing town by showing artifacts and displays that show how it grew into a global center for business and culture.

As the tour continues, you can admire Dubai’s impressive buildings, such as the unique Dubai Frame. This tall building connects old and new Dubai with its unique design, stunning views of historic areas, and modern skyscrapers.

When you go to Dubai, you must check out its beautiful beaches. Kite Beach is inviting with its lively vibe and water sports. Kite surfers glide elegantly across the blue waters while Dubai’s skyline appears in the background.

La Mer Beach is close by and has a livelier vibe. It has a beautiful beachfront and many excellent shops, restaurants, and entertainment options for a fun and relaxing day.

The beautiful Jumeirah Mosque is a must-see if you want to experience Dubai’s culture. With its intricate white facade and beautiful stained-glass windows, this architectural masterpiece is a tribute to Islamic art and spirituality. It provides tourists with a peaceful place to think and admire.

As you go on the tour, expert guides from Horizon Heights Travel will give you exciting information about Dubai’s past, present, and plans. Each stop is designed to help you appreciate this world-class city even more, whether taking pictures of the glitter at Dubai Marina or checking out the cutting-edge displays at the Museum of the Future.

When the tour ends, you’ll remember Dubai’s rich mix of culture, architecture, and natural beauty. Horizon Heights Travel ensures everything goes smoothly, from picking you up at your hotel to dropping you off at the airport. When you leave, you’ll better understand how Dubai has changed from an ancient trade hub to a modern metropolis.

When the tour is over, you’ll leave Dubai with thoughts of its rich tapestry of culture, architecture, and natural beauty. Horizon Heights Travel will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel without any problems. When you leave, you’ll better understand how Dubai has changed from an ancient trade hub to a modern metropolis.

Dubai One-Day City Tour Package

Horizon Heights Travel’s Dubai’s Greatest Activities and Tour is the best way to see Dubai, full of modern marvels and traditional beauty. Dubai has grown from a small Bedouin town to a global symbol of luxury and innovation. Its bold architecture, lively culture, and endless chances for fun and adventure have captivated people worldwide.

Horizon Heights Travel wants you to see Dubai through a lens that shows its past, beauty, and changing growth. Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. Its skyline is full of amazing buildings that resist explanation. Almost one in five cranes in the world is working here, which shows how hard the city works to improve architecture and build up the city.

Even though Dubai is becoming more modern quickly, it still cares about protecting its natural landscapes. Large areas of land are set aside as nature parks. Dubai is a city that loves variety and welcomes people from all over the world. You can enjoy fine dining at a fancy restaurant or street food in the historic Bastakiya area.

Dubai is more appealing than just its towers and shopping malls. Enjoy the thrill of a desert tour, where you can ride through beautiful dunes and see the most beautiful sunsets over the Arabian desert. Horizon Heights Travel will ensure you see Dubai’s famous sights and lesser-known gems, giving you a complete picture of the city’s many sides.

The yearly Dubai Shopping Festival is a worldwide sensation that draws millions with its bright displays, special deals, and lively atmosphere. This celebration of business and culture turns the city into a vibrant center of fun and luxury, giving tourists an unforgettable experience that captures Dubai’s spirit of friendliness and wealth.

Immerse yourself in Dubai’s architectural landmarks, like the Burj Khalifa, the world’s biggest building, and the Burj Al Arab, the height of luxury and innovation. Explore the peaceful grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and be amazed by the famous Dubai Fountain, where water dances to music in a stunning show of art.

When you go to Dubai, you must see Palm Jumeirah, the famous artificial island that represents high-class life and fun. In a water taxi, you can ride along the crescent-shaped coastline and take in the views of Dubai’s skyline and the blue seas of the Arabian Gulf.

You can go to the viewing deck of the world’s tallest building to get high. It offers views of Dubai’s cityscape that you can’t get anywhere else. Horizon Heights Travel ensures that your trip is both comfortable and educational by providing a variety of high-class transportation choices that complement your exploration of this exciting city.

Horizon Heights Travel promises a fantastic trip that celebrates Dubai’s past, present, and future, whether you’re drawn to the city for its rich cultural history, beautiful architecture, or lively way of life. Our carefully planned city tours show you the best of Dubai’s variety, progress, and growth. Make memories in a city that’s constantly changing what’s possible.

Horizon Heights Travel can take you on an exciting new adventure in Dubai. You’ll see why this city is still the best place for tourists looking for luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion. Let us lead you on a life-changing adventure that gets the essence of Dubai’s allure and leaves you with unforgettable memories of a trip you’ll never forget.

Private City Tour Dubai

Get ready for an experience you’ll never forget when you drive around Dubai alone. As soon as you get in the car, you’ll enjoy stunning views of Dubai’s most famous sites, such as the high-end hotels that line the city’s skyline, the busy Dubai Creek, and the lively Dubai Marina. 

As you drive through the city, your tour guide will tell you everything you need to know about each spot to enjoy its history and beauty fully. You can have a photo stop at the beautiful Etihad Tower or enjoy the view from your car. Choose what works best for you. 

Your private car tour of Dubai will allow you to explore at your own pace and with the help of an experienced guide. It will be an experience you will never forget. Get ready to see Dubai in a new way and make memories that will last a lifetime in this fantastic city.

Half-Day Dubai City Tour

On our private 4-hour trip, Experience Dubai’s beautiful city in a way you’ve never seen before. Get ready to see the famous Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping mall. You can shop until you drop and be amazed by the building’s beauty. 

Next, we’ll take you to the fancy Palm Jumeirah, an island built to resemble a palm tree. You can enjoy stunning views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf from there. 

You will also see the Etihad Tower, which symbolizes the quality of Dubai’s architecture today, and walk up to the viewing deck to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. 

Not only that, but our tour will also take you to other must-see places in Dubai, so you’ll get a complete picture of this lively city in just 4 hours. You will have a fantastic time seeing the best of Dubai in a short amount of time. Remember to take photo stops along the way. 

When you go to Dubai, you must visit the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Its sail-shaped shape is a masterpiece of modern architecture. At 321 meters, it has a view of the Arabian Gulf. A steel frame and an atrium that is 180 meters high make it stand out.

Dubai City Tour Bus

If you take a bus with two decks, you can go through Dubai at your own pace and during your own time. One of the most popular places for tourists to visit in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa.

Another is Old Dubai. Another exciting thing to see here is the Burj Al-Arab. You can get off and on at any stop in the city, so you can go to museums, shops, and souks whenever you want.

With your ticket, you can take a boat ride along Dubai Creek and visit the Ambassadors Lagoon and the Dubai Aquarium underwater zoo. It would be best if you took advantage of this Sightseeing Tour opportunity. 

Dubai City Tour Bus Price

The cost of tickets is $65. Because it is so reasonably priced, you won’t have to worry about becoming bankrupt with it. Take advantage of the chance to create memories during this low-cost opportunity. 

Dubai City Tour and Desert Safari

Experience Dubai’s wide range of emotions with Horizon Heights Travel’s Dubai City Tour with Desert Safari. This all-inclusive trip combines the allure of old and new wonders.

Start your trip by going on a full-day organized tour of Dubai to learn about its history and modern appeal. Join the crowds in the busy Gold Souk, where the shine of valuable metals lights up the maze of traditional market stalls. Take famous pictures of Dubai’s architectural wonders, like the stunning Dubai Frame and the famously peaceful Jumeirah Mosque, known for its complex design and calm atmosphere.

A Desert Safari in the evening is a great way to get from the busy city to the quiet desert. Feel the thrill as 4×4 drives through the tall golden dunes, giving you fantastic views and heart-racing rides through valleys and peaks. Enjoy the quiet of the desert, which is excellent for taking pictures at sunset and taking a break from the busy lights of the city.

Immerse yourself in traditional Emirati culture at an authentic Bedouin camp. In a warm tent, you can enjoy fragrant Arabic coffee, ride a camel across the rolling dunes, and watch hypnotic shows like the Tanoura dance, in which spinning dervishes show off their cultural heritage as the sun goes down. Be mesmerized by the rhythmic moves of belly dancers, who bring life and color to the evening.

Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner with a wide range of foreign dishes, such as grilled meats, tasty vegetarian options, and decadent desserts. Under the desert sky full of stars, the friendly service and exciting entertainment make for an unforgettable eating experience.

Horizon Heights Travel has put together this plan to show you the best of Dubai in one unforgettable day. It includes cultural immersion, exciting adventures, and delicious food. This tour will make you remember Dubai’s beautiful scenery and lively culture for a long time, whether you visit the historic souks or walk across the dunes.

Abu Dhabi City Tour From Dubai

Explore Abu Dhabi’s past, culture, and modern sights on a city tour in the United Arab Emirates. Horizon Heights Travel carefully plans your trip so you can enjoy all the exciting things the city has to offer. The trip starts with convenient transportation from Dubai.

Even though its neighbor Dubai is more famous, Abu Dhabi is just as important for its history and culture. The trip starts with a comfortable pickup from your Dubai hotel. It sets the stage for a two-hour adventure of famous sites and exciting stories.

The magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the highlight of the tour. It is a massive work of art that shows what Islamic building is about on a grand scale. This beautiful white building, named after the visionary leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, amazes with its intricate designs and extensive gardens. Many people are drawn to this holy spot by its natural beauty and spiritual energy, making it a must-see.

As you learn more about Abu Dhabi’s story, the tour unfolds to show its rich past intertwined with its modern accomplishments. Each stop from the luxurious Emirates Palace, representing wealth and Arabian hospitality, is a heritage village that shows the city’s history. It has been carefully chosen to give visitors a complete experience.

Drive along the Corniche, where the skyline meets the calm seas of the Arabian Gulf. It is a must-do on any trip to Abu Dhabi. From this beautiful stretch, you can see the city’s modern skyscrapers and traditional dhows sailing happily.

Many people who like art and culture must visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi. This fantastic building holds a collection of world-class works of art that show how people from different times and cultures can communicate and express themselves through art.

Horizon Heights Travel ensures that the trip goes smoothly by hiring experienced guides who tell interesting stories and provide historical information along the way. Every moment in Abu Dhabi is meant to help you learn more about and appreciate the city’s rich tapestry, whether you’re amazed by the modern architecture of Yas Island or the busy markets in the city center.

When the tour is over, you’ll be taken back to Dubai with fond memories of a day well spent discovering Abu Dhabi’s historical and modern wonders. Horizon Heights Travel promises an unforgettable experience that shines a bright light on Abu Dhabi’s past, present, and future, whether you’re a first-time tourist or a return visitor.

Abu Dhabi City Tour and Ferrari World

Begin an unforgettable adventure around Abu Dhabi, where every detail has been meticulously designed to amaze you. The Grand Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the first stop on our trip. It is a fantastic architectural masterpiece with beautiful domes, quiet courtyards, and detailed details.

We continue through Al Bateen’s beautiful palaces until we reach the Islamic Art Gallery, a cultural haven. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of art and creativity in a lively setting.

Next, look at the beautiful Cornice, Breakwaters, and Emirates Palace and take pictures that will last a lifetime. Emirates Palace’s calm water and royal beauty make for an excellent background for your memories.

Prepare for a fun time as we go to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, an excellent place for people who love fast cars. Experience thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, and thrilling adventures that will make your day of fun memorable. 

Take a relaxing drive back to Dubai and consider what you’ve done. Enjoy the peaceful times at the mosque, the cultural experiences at the art gallery, and the exciting adventures at Ferrari World.

Finally, as you return to your hotel, remember the amazing sights, thrilling adventures, and memorable moments you had on this Abu Dhabi tour.