Tours present the city of Dubai with all its might, beauty, power, history and grounded humility through the exquisitely designed Dubai city tours. A city that has some of the biggest skyscrapers in the world and almost 20% of the world cranes involved in making new ones, still devotes the largest part of its land to the wildlife reserve. Dubai is a city that welcomes all its tourists with amazing warmth and love. Whether they are the ones who dine at the world’s most luxurious 7-star hotel or the ones who love to relish the sumptuous street food of the city; the hospitality of Dubai cannot be questioned. Dubai is grounded to its roots even today when it is one of the most developed cities of the world and still unstoppable, it has preserved its oldest neighborhood of Bastakiya quarters to showcase the astounding history to the world. Whether it is the free Jumeirah beach or the best in the world private resorts, Dubai makes no mistakes in making all its guests feel at home. There are innumerable attractions in Dubai but the Dubai Shopping Festival cannot be included in this list because it is not just an annual attraction, but has developed into a grand phenomenon that astonishes the world every year with its magnificence, discounts, glitz, and glamour. Only the ones who’ve visited the city of Dubai during the Dubai shopping festival would know how electrifying the atmosphere is. Such is the craze of the festival that Dubai which records roughly about 80 million and more tourists every year, observes over 50 million in just the span of 1 month of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Why is Rayna Tours your best companion? Because we know what every traveler desires- to know a place like a local. This is exactly what Dubai sightseeing with us is all about. Yes, Dubai is our home, we know Dubai like no one else does. Its glitz and glamour, rugged terrains, dune bashing deserts, starry nights, mega malls; all are a part of us. We not only take you through the best of world attractions but also show you the off beaten paths and the hidden gems that Dubai has to offer only for a chosen few.