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IMG Worlds of Adventure with Horizon Heights Travel

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IMG Worlds of Adventure offers exciting rides, a cinema, and various attractions suitable for everyone, including families. Folks of all ages and tastes can have fun there. The City of Arabia has the world’s largest indoor theme park, 1.5 million square feet. The IMG Group created it and is a part of Dubai land Entertainment.

Incredible World of Marvel

There are four different areas in the Dubai entertainment complex. Among them are IMG Boulevard, Cartoon Network, Marvel, and Lost Valley. Each has its own set of activities and places to eat. It is meant to look like the streets of New York in the 350,000-square-foot Marvel Zone.

It features an exclusive collection of 3D attractions inspired by some of Marvel Comics’ most renowned superheroes. Avengers Quinjets Flight, Spider-Man’s Revenge against Doc Ock, Hulk’s Epsilon Base 3D, and Thor’s Thunder Spin are all part of this.

The Dino Land 

Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure is a thrilling, brand-new idea only available at IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai. It makes things even more exciting. Adventure Fortress, Dino Carousel, Forbidden Territory, Predator, and Velociraptor are some of the five unique rides that make it stand out. It has 70 animatronic dinosaurs.

Of course, you can go back in time and enjoy heart-pounding ride effects everywhere you look.

Cartoon Zone 

Cartoon Network is a big area with popular American shows. One fun spot is The Powerpuff Girls—Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage. Another is Lazy Town, which has the first 5D movie theater. There are live shows and a big store based on Ben 10, a popular cartoon.

Rides and Houses of Horror

Visit the Haunted Hotel on IMG Boulevard if you’re seeking a terrifying adventure that will have you on the tip of your seat. Famous for its genuine horrors, spooky design, and horrific atmosphere, this haunted attraction will surely make you jump out of your skin.

It’s scary to walk through the Haunted Hotel’s dark hallways because you might see scary people, see creepy props, or find something unexpected that will keep you on your toes. This spooky house is meant to simultaneously make people scared and excited, with scary sounds and ghostly figures.

No matter how many scary attractions you’ve been to before or if this is your first time, the Haunted Hotel on IMG Boulevard will surely give you a thrilling experience you will remember. Get together with your best friends and prepare for a scary and exciting night at this haunted hotel.

IMG Boulevard has many less intense options, like Adventure Photography, and many places to eat and drink for people who don’t like rides or get tired of all the exciting things to do.


Horizon Heights Travel offers a fun trip to IMG World of Adventure. The trip covers all four areas of the park, so visitors can enjoy a complete experience. Guests can see every part of this world-class theme park, from the Marvel Zone’s thrilling rides and attractions to the Lost Valley’s prehistoric wonders.

The tour also lets you see the Cartoon Network Zone, where your favorite characters come to life, and the IMG Boulevard, a busy area with many places to eat, shop, and have fun. Horizon Heights Travel can assist you in maximizing your visit to IMG World of Adventure and creating lasting memories.

Key Features

  1. In its four exciting zones, it has a lot of high-tech rides and thrills.
  2. Walking down IMG Boulevard, you’ll find sights like Adventure Photography and the more scary Haunted Hotel. 
  3. Marvel Zone has Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge, Hulk Epsilon Base 3D, Thor Thunder Spin, and more superhero experiences. 
  4. Discover the world of Cartoon Network’s beloved cartoon characters. Rides and attractions included Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, etc.  
  5. Enter the dinosaur-themed Lost Valley to finish. It also has the fastest Velociraptor ride. 
  6. Every zone has excellent on-site dining. 

Important Information IMG Worlds of Adventure 

  1. We will be picking up you from Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.
  2. Depending on traffic and location, sharing transfer times can be adjusted by 30 to 60 minutes per journey.
  3. An adult or guardian must accompany children during visits.
  4. First-come, first-served wheelchairs.
  5. Smoking and drinking are banned in the park.
  6. No outside food or drink is allowed in the theme park.

Terms and Conditions Applied!


  • Enter one of the world's largest indoor theme parks.
  • Unlimited access to its four fantastic zones
  • Rides, roller coasters, and other attractions featuring your favorite cartoon characters and superheroes
  • Catch live entertainment.
  • Transportation
  • All on-site shopping, drinking, and dining expenses during the tour.

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What is IMG Worlds of Adventure?
The largest indoor theme park in the world is IMG Worlds of Adventure, located in the City of Arabia, Dubai. There are four distinct sections: IMG Boulevard, Cartoon Network, Marvel, and Lost Valley. Each has its own set of rides, activities, and ways to have fun.
What are the main attractions at IMG Worlds of Adventure?
Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure boasts attractions such as a velociraptor, Spider-Man's Doc Ock's Revenge, Hulk's Epsilon Base 3D, and the Avengers' Flight of the Quinjets. The Cartoon Network area also has a 5D movie theater, and on IMG Boulevard, there is the scary Haunted Hotel.
What are the dining options like at IMG Worlds of Adventure?
Restaurants in each zone serve a range of foods to suit everyone's tastes.
Are there any restrictions or rules to be aware of?
Visitors to the park should know they can't smoke or drink there. Also, you can't bring your food or drinks; transfers are only available from certain places in Dubai.
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