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Private Desert Safari Tour with Private Land Cruiser

Not Rated

6 Hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

6 people






Private vehicle or jeep safari in the desert for you and your family only. The government tourism body often permits six or seven tourists to each jeep. One jeep can comfortably accommodate a family of up to seven people; if there are more, we can set up another vehicle.

The best of all is spending a wonderful evening in Dubai with your soul love, and we’ll make sure this occasion is truly unforgettable. We offer a fantastic choice for you, whether it’s all about finding your soul mate or you’d rather go on a “private 4×4 land cruiser” safari. A private 4×4 Jeep safari is an SUV that you won’t share with other visitors!



  • six tourists can only fit in jeeps and other cars, per the most recent recommendations from DTCM.
  • Every day, all administrators will undergo a temperature test.
  • Private 4×4 land cruiser
  • camel ride
  • Barbecue dinner
  • sweets, beverages
  • tea
  • mineral water 
  • coffee
  • Fireworks display
  • belly dancers
  • Tanoura performance
  • photography at dusk for sandboarding

Exclusions (Charged Additionally)

    • Counter-Barrel Biking (150 AED)
    • Henna painting without limits (AED 20)
    •  Sheesha (Hookah) (AED 50)
    • Photos with Falcon (AED 10)
    • Dune Buggy (AED 500) Half Hour
    • Dune Buggy (AED 1000) One Hour
    • Horse Ride

Book a private desert safari in Dubai for a maximum of six people, as permitted by the tourism entity.

In Dubai’s exclusive desert safari, We’ll take you to the well-known Dubai Desert Conservation for a delicious meal and an exciting adventure that shouldn’t be missed. You may enjoy yourself without worrying about the food, transportation, or other amenities when you work with us; you only have to sit back and relax as we take care of everything. What follows will guarantee that your day will be one to remember:

Reserve a private 4 x 4 land cruiser vehicle for the ultimate in privacy and pleasure on a luxury desert safari!

  • A private 4×4 desert tour in Dubai
  • During a session of sandboarding, destroy the dunes.
  • Take a breathtaking 4×4 trip through the desert to see the Lahbab red dunes.
  • Camel rides and stunning photos including Arabian attire.
  • Enjoy a nonalcoholic champagne glass while watching the sunset, along with a BBQ supper and more.

Pick & Drop:

We offer Land Cruiser pick-up and drop-off services. Your package includes this vehicle. Private use of this land cruiser will be possible. Your captain will arrive and pick you up from your home or hotel after you provide him with your location. Remember that we will be doing the dune bashing in the same car.

Drive Through the Desert on the Hatta Route:

The Desert Hatta Road drive is the first leg of the tour. Because of the excellent construction of the road, you may drive in safety and comfort. Your accommodation is only 45 minutes away. While on your journey, you can record films of the stunning desert and take breathtaking pictures of the lovely surroundings, which you can then share on social media and with your friends and family. The drive is picturesque and serene because of the gorgeous scenery and landscapes surrounding the route. It is a very huge and wide road, making it easy to drive on and preventing traffic from building up.

Land Cruisers Dune Bashing:

This tour is sometimes referred to as a Dubai sunset or nighttime desert safari. a range of activities offered by excursions for desert safaris. To begin with, it entails dune bashing, also referred to as a “desert safari,” which is among the most thrilling desert excursions. Land Cruisers engage in dune bashing. On the desert safari, you may experience dune buggying between the fossilized rocks and watch the sunset over the desert in Dubai. Big Red Dunes, a desert in Dubai, is named from the red sand found near the fossil rock.

The belly dance:

As your appetizers are being served, a spectacular belly dance performance starts. Belly dancing is a captivating art form. In addition to encouraging belly dancing, it is an excellent example of a particular kind of dance.

Fireworks Display:

The Fire event begins following the conclusion of the Belly Dancing event. A demonstration of performing arts or practices that incorporate fire management is called a “fire show.”

The Tanoura Show:

Tanoura Show is the name of the first program. The national dance of ancient Egypt is the tanoura. The dance is unique since only guys can perform it. The word’s Arabic origins suggest that it refers to a skirt.

Unlimited soft drinks and mineral water:

Additionally, we would like to let you know that you will have access to limitless water and beverages during your vacation. A person’s daily diet must include water consumption. 

Ladies’ Henna Tattoos:

There are various options for henna tattoos. These are short-term tattoos applied to female travelers. Though there are several effective ways to remove henna rapidly, henna tattoos usually fade in a few weeks to months. Henna colors the epidermis in the same way as the self-tanner.

Dubai offers private desert safaris for both people and groups.?

Should you not need 4×4 land cruisers, you can ask for a high-roof bus with 15 or 30 seats. Several land cruisers will be waiting to take you on an amazing dune-bashing experience on the Red Dunes. Another name for dune bashing in Dubai is a test drive on dunes known as Desert Torture.

from AED599

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