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Red Dunes Lahbab Desert Safari | Desert Safari Dubai

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6 Hours

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Daily Tour

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100 people




Red Dune Lahbab Desert Safari

Take this tour to explore the Lahbab desert in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). It’s one of the best options for an exciting trip the Desert has many things to see and do that will teach you about Bedouin culture and ways of life. One of the most thrilling events is the 4X4 sand bash. The sand hills and the 4×4 Land Cruiser hurtled over them

Red Dune Safari Inclusions:

  • Transportation (based on the option chosen)
  • Dune bashing is best done in a 4×4 car. 
  • Photographic opportunities of Sunset
  • Tanoura Dance show 
  • There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices at Dinner on the Grill.
  • Belly Dance Performance
  • Refreshments welcome drinks
  • Riding a camel
  • Sand Boarding
  • BBQ Buffet
  • Fire show


  • Quad Bike 
  • Dune Buggy 
  • Drinks that contain Alcohol
  • Table Service

Sand Boarding on Red Dunes

Sandboarding is an exciting sport in the Dubai desert that will get your heart racing. People glide down tall sand dunes on a special board. A huge area of golden dunes makes a great backdrop for this fun activity.

It’s good for both new and experienced sandboarders because there are many different dunes that range in height and difficulty. Enjoying the sensation of speed as you glide along soft sand as the sun rays warm your back is an exhilarating experience.

People who want to have an exciting journey in the Arabian Desert that they will never forget like to sandboard in the Dubai desert. If someone comes to Dubai and wants to get excited or enjoy the beautiful views of the Desert, they should try sandboarding.

Climb Red Dunes in the sunset.

You’ll go up big sand hills and of course, every trip through the Desert is complete with a stop to take pictures of the beautiful sunset. 

Get to know the Desert with Horizon Heights Travel Tour guide.

Desert with the most informed and experienced tour guide. This professional guide will show you the stunning beauty of the Desert and tell you interesting things about its past and meaning.

As you learn about the ancient societies that used to thrive in this harsh environment, you will feel like you have been taken back in time. You will be able to find gems and secret spots in the Desert that only a real expert would know about with the help of your guide. Going into the desert with the top tour guide is like taking a leap of faith into an unforgettable adventure. 

Watch Captivating Traditional Performances With Delightful Dinner

Take part in this unique safari and enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner. There will be a buffet with food from around the world, including meat and vegetarian choices. You can also enjoy the Tanoura show and the fantastic belly dance moves.

Red Dune Safari Highlights

  • Off-road 4×4 adventures in the hills of Dubai are very exciting. Take a break to enjoy the stunning desert sunset. 
  • Take a calm camel ride through the red dunes
  • Enjoy a tasty BBQ meal with options for meat eaters and vegetarians.
  • Be amazed by the Tanura show and the belly dance that will blow your mind. 

Important Details

  • Kids should always go sandboarding with an adult with them. 
  • If you are in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman between 2:30 and 3:00, we will pick you up.
  • It will be a 6-hour adventure.
  • Transportation (if chosen)
  • This trip may be difficult for guests with back pain or who are near their due date. If the services aren’t fully used, there will be no return.
  • Please do not bring large bags.
  • Paying with cash or a credit card is a choice. You must add 5% of the government tax when using a credit card.
  • Tour will be free for kids younger than three.

Terms and Conditions Applied

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Why choose a Red Dune Lahbab Desert Safari?

This tour takes you deep into the untouched Lahbab desert in Dubai and gives you a look into Bedouin culture and way of life. It looks like a great journey with things to do like 4x4 sand bashing, sandboarding on the red dunes, and sunset climbs.

What does the tour guide offer?

The tour guide from Horizon Heights Travel knows a lot about the history, secrets, and meaning of the desert and can share that information with you. They will show you the way through the vast scenery, making sure that your trip is full of new discoveries and exciting adventures.

Are there any important details to consider?

Yes, people who have back pain or are getting close to their due date may find the trip hard. You should also not carry large bags. Cash and credit card payments are also accepted, however the government adds 5% to all credit card purchases.

What are the transportation options?

Between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM, guests in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman can get a ride. The safari lasts for six hours, and if you want, transportation can be added to the plan.

Is the safari suitable for children?

Yes, kids can join in, but when they sandboard, they should always have an adult with them. The walk is free for kids younger than three years old.

from AED125

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