A Family Desert Safari is one of the best ways to see the Lahbab desert in Dubai. It is a place where nature has not been changed in any way. This adventure tour takes you deep into the desert and combines exciting activities with learning about the area’s history and natural beauty.

The full Morning Desert Safari Dubai includes activities that help you learn a lot about Bedouin practices and culture.

The 4X4 dune bash is, undoubtedly, the best part of the tour. Driving through the red dunes in a strong land cruiser is thrilling. The sheer thrill of racing down steep dunes and climbing up tall ones is an experience that will last a lifetime.

The story doesn’t end there, though. Dune buggies and Quad bikes are a fun way to get around in the desert for people who want more action. With these challenging vehicles, you can go places that regular cars can’t, giving you a real off-road experience.

Sandboarding is another exciting activity you can do on the tour. It’s similar to snowboarding in that it lets you glide down sand hills at high speeds. It’s a thrilling and fun way to see the desert and try camel riding.

Land Cruiser
Family Desert Safari Dubai | Adventure, Culture & Tradition

Discover Other Corners of Dubai

The desert adventure is the main draw, but this package includes cultural entertainment and a delicious meal. It’s one of our best deals on all-inclusive dessert packages. This tour is an excellent way for families to see less-visited parts of Dubai because it has exciting and relaxing things to do.

Picture yourself spending the day in the middle of the desert, with the hills all around you. The desert is peaceful, and the activities are exciting. Together, they make for a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience. Escape the city noise and stress on a fun desert safari. Spend quality time with your family and connect with nature.

Explore the desert
Family Desert Safari Dubai | Adventure, Culture & Tradition

Feel the Adventure of Your Life

The most exciting part of the Family Desert Safari Dubai is the 4×4 ride through the desert. This trip allows you to experience the peace and beauty of the desert for yourself.

You’ll climb up tall dunes and wind through secret valleys. You can take stunning pictures of the golden sand dunes as the sun goes down. The colours of the desert change as the sun comes, making for a beautiful sight that is great for photographers.

The ride’s thrill and the desert’s peaceful beauty make for a memorable experience. The skilled drivers will ensure you have a safe and exciting ride through some of the most beautiful parts of the desert. This Family desert adventure has something for everyone, from thrill seekers to people who love the beauty of nature.

Since this is a desert safari for a family tour, we also have a play area and additional food, and drinks for kids. Book this “Family Desert Safari Dubai” tour and make this time with your children memorable.

walk on the dunes
Family Desert Safari Dubai

Indulge in Delicious BBQ Food and Watch Captivating Traditional Performances

There can’t be a desert adventure without a delicious buffet and barbecue, and the Family Desert safari in Dubai doesn’t disappoint you. Ultimately, there will be a foreign buffet with food for vegetarians and meat eaters so the whole family can enjoy a tasty meal.

The BBQ dinner is served outside under the stars, which makes the night feel magical. The range of dishes, such as grilled meats, fresh salads, and traditional Arabic desserts, makes the food experience even better than the adventure.

Buffet Dinner
Delicious BBQ Food


The Family Desert Safari Dubai offers a great mix of excitement, culture, and delicious food, making it the perfect family trip. This trip will surely be an unforgettable experience for everyone, whether they want to see the vast desert, learn about Bedouin culture, or go on an exciting ride. A well-rounded and memorable adventure includes:

  • Things that get your heart racing.
  • Learning about a new culture.

Plan your trip with Horizon Heights Travel today and make memories with your family and friends on the golden beaches of Dubai. The Family Desert Safari Dubai is more than just a tour. It’s a chance to spend time with your family, connect with nature, do outdoor activities and learn about a different culture.

Horizon Heights Travel ensured that everything about this trip was meant to make you remember it forever, from the exciting dune bash to the beautiful traditional shows. Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind trip that shows off the best of Dubai’s desert for family.

These are the best tours in Dubai, and Horizon Heights Travel is known for its desert safari tours. 

camel ride
Camel Riding


Are there activities for children?

Family Desert Safari has a play area and extra food and drinks for kids, making it fun.

What is sandboarding?

Sandboarding on sand dunes is like snowboarding. Speeding down the dunes is a great way to experience the desert.

Can we experience traditional Bedouin culture on this safari?

Of course, the safari includes Bedouin activities and performances to help you appreciate the region’s history and culture.

Is there a meal included in the safari?

After the safari, a fantastic BBQ meal is provided under the stars. Vegetarian and meat-eater foods are on the buffet.

How can I book the Family Desert Safari Dubai?

Book the safari with Horizon Heights Travel. They show families Dubai’s desert at its best and make the experience unforgettable.

Why should we choose the Family Desert Safari Dubai?

The Family Desert Safari Dubai offers excitement, culture, and wonderful food for families looking to bond, connect with nature, and learn about another country.

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