A Private Desert Safari Adventure Like No Other

Are you up for an adventure that blends the thrilling 4×4 ride with the peaceful beauty of the desert? With Horizon Heights Travel, our Private Desert Safari Tour, you can have a fantastic time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, among the vast dunes. Let us take you on an exciting trip with beautiful views and make moments you will never forget.

Private Desert Safari
Why a Private Desert Safari in Dubai is a Must-Do Adventure

Dune Bashing: An Unforgettable Off-Road Experience

The first part of your desert trip is a thrilling 4×4 Land Cruiser ride across the vast desert dunes. Your heart rate will increase as you jump into deep gorges and climb to the top of tall hills. As the sun goes down, the desert becomes a beautiful painting of colors great for taking pictures. This exciting ride is just the start of your desert tour trip.

Land Cruiser
Dune Bashing

Experience Joy at Its Peak

Picture this in the Dubai desert, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. The desert is full of exciting things to do, whether on a modern, powerful quad bike or a rough, off-road dune buggy. 

Riding a quad bike, you can enjoy the thrill of sharp turns and quick handling as you go up high hills and race across the red sand. This trip is excellent for people who want to be free and have fun.

Get in a sand buggy for a different kind of fun. The dune buggy is made for off-road activities and is easy to ride up and down hills. You and a friend can talk, laugh, and enjoy the beautiful desert views together. You should do it for a fun experience with others that will make you feel great.

Private Desert Safari

Captivating Desert Shows

After your exciting ride, relax at our real Bedouin camp in the desert. When you walk into a tent that has been decorated traditionally, the smell of newly brewed Arabic coffee fills the room. As you enjoy this warm drink, a mesmerizing Tanoura dance show occurs right before you. Dancers in bright robes spin in a stunning performance.

It gets even more fun from there. A gentle camel ride is a traditional way to get around the desert. A new view of the area will be given to you.

Please take a moment to walk along the dunes as the sun goes down, and long shadows fall across them. Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the desert.

Tanoura Show
Captivating Desert Shows

Savour in a Spicy BBQ Dine

A Private desert tour is only complete with a tasty meal. At our private BBQ dinner, there is an extensive foreign buffet with a wide range of dishes for everyone to enjoy. Our chefs use the best ingredients to make a feast that everyone will enjoy, with choices for vegetarians and meat dishes that will make your mouth water.

Savor delectable appetizers, entrees, and desserts that showcase flavors from all around the globe. You can discover tasty options here whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian.

Savour in a Spicy BBQ Dine

Captivating Cultural Performances

Experience the lively world of traditional dance throughout the evening in a desert camp. Tanoura dancers in vibrant skirts swirl fluidly, creating a stunning, multicolored exhibition. Next, marvel at the belly dance shows elegant shifts and hip movements, which have captivated spectators for years. These performances celebrate the region’s rich culture and make for a magical night.

Traditional dance
Captivating Cultural Performances

Enjoy a Luxury Journey with Private Transportation

Avoid confusing roads and taxis. Your comfort and privacy are our main objectives at Horizon Heights Travel.

Our private automobiles ensure a stress-free ride throughout. Our experienced drivers handle traffic and arid terrain, letting you enjoy the landscape. Let us handle the travel details so you can enjoy your Dubai Desert Safari.

4 by 4 Land Cruiser
Enjoy a Luxury Journey with Private Transportation


1. What is included in the Private Desert Safari Tour with Horizon Heights Travel?

A thrilling 4×4 Land Cruiser ride across desert dunes, quad bike or dune buggy rides, a Bedouin tent visit, camel rides, a BBQ supper, Tanoura and belly dancing all included.

2. What is dune bashing?

Dune bashing is a thrilling 4×4 adventure where a competent driver takes you across sandy dunes, across hills, and into deep gorges. Thrilling, especially as the sun sets and offers stunning vistas.

3. Can I ride a quad bike or dune buggy during the safari?

You can ride a quad bike for sharp turns and quick handling or a dune buggy for off-road activities with a friend to enjoy the desert environment.

4. What activities are available at the Bedouin camp?

Come to the Bedouin camp for Arabic coffee, Tanoura dances, and camel rides. Wander the dunes and enjoy the desert sunset.

5. What kind of meal is provided during the safari?

Safaris include a private BBQ meal with an international buffet. Vegetarian and meat appetizers, dinners, and desserts are available with global flavors.

6. What cultural performances can I expect to see?

Tanoura dancers in colorful skirts spin smoothly, and stunning belly dancing exhibitions celebrate the region’s rich culture.